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JingLei and Zoom Bob (now residing in Kathleen, GA with Ryan)

BunnyLops, a small family rabbitry specializing in Holland Lop Rabbits for pets and show was located in south Georgia (Thomasville), near Tallahassee, Florida. We raise Holland Lops, the smallest and friendliest of the Lop breeds. Bunnylops Rabbitry specializes in chocolate and lilac Holland Lops, as well as sable points and torts (including blue torts and chocolate torts). Other colors we sometimes have are black, and blue.

Inside, you will find information about our rabbitryLop rabbitsavailable bunniesHolland Lop Colors, and more. If you have any questions or comments or are interested in a Holland Lop rabbit for pet or show, be sure to contact us.

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BunnyLops is a mother-daughter undertaking. Marianne Horchler and her youngest daughter JingLei raise Holland Lops and do the rabbit chores together everyday. 

BunnyLops is located in south Georgia, near Tallahassee, Florida, less than 2 hours from Alabama and within driving distance (4- 5 hours hours or less) from large cities like Savannah, Atlanta, Augusta, Georgia, and Jacksonville, Gainesville and Orlando, Florida. Note that we do not ship so you will have to drive to Thomasville, GA to pick up your bunny;  while in the past we have sometimes been able to arrange transport for an additional fee, at this time we do not have transport.  

A Little Background

When Marianne lived in Genoa, NY, years before JingLei was even born, she and her son Andrew raised rabbits on their farm along with sheep. The rabbits, mostly German Angoras and German crossbreds, along with a few French Angoras and English Angoras, were raised primarily for their wool and soon numbered about 150. The angora wool was harvested from each rabbit every 3 months through plucking, guaranteeing the longest and highest quality fiber. It was then blended 50/50 with fine sheep's wool and processed by the mill that Marianne and husband Tim started, Fingerlakes Woolen Mill, into a knitting yarn called Fingerlakes Angora Luxury to be sold through knitting stores across the country and in Canada. Andrew and his sister Aliénor also had a few dwarf pet rabbits, among them Holland Lops.

Once Andrew left to spend his senior year of high school in France, the rabbits were sold and, subsequently, so was the mill when Marianne and Tim decided to move south. Two more children became part of the family and when JingLei, the youngest, expressed interest in raising rabbits, the small friendly Holland Lop seemed to be the breed of choice to start with (too hot in south Georgia for angoras). 

We are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), and the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club.  BUNNYLOPS is a registered ARBA Rabbitry.

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Questions? mail@bunnylops.com