Welcome to our Holland Lop Rabbitry: BUNNYLOPS 

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          ARBA Registered Rabbitry # D2081

BunnyLops is a small family rabbitry specializing in Holland Lop Rabbits for pets and show located in south Georgia (Thomasville), near Tallahassee, Florida. We raise Holland Lops, the smallest and friendliest of the Lop breeds. Bunnylops Rabbitry specializes in chocolate and lilac Holland Lops, as well as sable points and torts (including blue torts and chocolate torts). Other colors we sometimes have are black, and blue.

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                                                                   FOR SALE

Bunnylops rabbits are currently living in the following states: Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Arizona, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Oregon, New York, and New Hampshire, and in Ontario, Canada. 

                         Look at our first litter of chocolate Hollands born 5/12/13:

IMG 7758

Inside, you will find information about our rabbitry, Lop rabbitsavailable bunnies, Holland Lop Colors, and more. If you have any questions or comments or are interested in a Holland Lop rabbit for pet or show, be sure to contact us.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Questions? mail@bunnylops.com
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