Holland Lops & FAQs 


Holland Lops are the smallest of the Lop breeds.


What does “Broken Black” mean?

Holland Lops come in solid and broken colors. Broken is any solid color mixed with white, so Broken Black means black and white.

What is a Charlie?

A Charlie is a broken whose parents were two brokens and who is mostly white (usually less than 10% color). Note that a rabbit with less than 10% color will be disqualified at a show. A Charlie is useful in a breeding program because when bred to a solid, he or she will produce all brokens.

How big do Holland Lops get?

When full-grown (6 months) Holland Lops generally weigh between 3 and 4 1/2 lbs. 

Are Mini-Lops smaller than Holland Lops?

No. Mini-Lops will usually weigh around 6 1/2 lbs when full-grown. See our page on all the Lop breeds here.

Does a Holland Lop make a good pet?

Yes, definitely! In our opinion (we are a little biased), Holland Lops are the friendliest of all rabbits (to our credit, we have raised rabbits of several other breeds, and seen most breeds at shows). They make a great pet because of their small size and friendly temperament.

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