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Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club Official Guidebook by HLRSC, 192 p., 2012, ed. by Chris Zemny

A comprehensive guidebook covering Club History, ARBA Standard & Judging (Colored Holland Photos, Judging, Crown Structure, Tips & Tricks, Bone, How to Pose a Holland Lop), Starting Out (Holland Lop Personality, Tips & Tricks, Conditioning, Winter Breeding Tips), Breeding & Culling (Nest Box Management, Breeding Problems, Reproductive Disorders, Holland Does, Cold Babies, Developing a Winning Herd, Culling, Producing Show Hollands, Color Genetics, Rainbow of Color & Small Space, Thoughts on New Varieties, Fuzzy Hollands), Health & Disease (Health Guide, Physical, Herbs), Showing (Sweepstakes Rules, Convention & National Show Winners, Sweepstakes History, Starting a Co-Op, Starting a Specialty Club, Hosting a National Show), Selling & Marketing (Taking Good Photos, Buying & Showing). Black & white and color photos. 6th Edition.

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The following book is an earlier edition; it contains many useful articles that were not reprinted in the 6th edition. I have both books and refer to both. 

Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club Guidebook by HLRSC, 199 p., 2002, co-edited by Christine Feld & Chris Zemny

A very comprehensive guidebook covering Club History, ARBA Standard & Judging, Starting Out (Holland Lop Personality, Cage Systems, Feeders & Water Crocks, Alfalfa Pellets, Conditioning, Common Sense, Winter Breeding Tips), Breeding & Culling (Developing a Winning Herd, Metritis, Breeding Problems, Kindling Problems, Holland Does, All About "Peanuts", Tips, Nest Box Management, Orphans & Spinach Babies, Palpation, Post It Notes, Culling, Color Genetics, Nomenclature, Thoughts on New Varieties), Health & Disease (Physical, Enteritis, Preventative Control, Poop Patrol, Subcutaneous Injections, To Worm or Not to Worm), Showing (Tattooing, HLRSC Sweepstakes Rules, Convention Winners, Sweepstakes History, Forming a Co-Op, Starting a Specialty Club, Hosting a National Show, Traveling to Convention), Selling & Marketing (Buying, Marketing Pet Hollands, Bun Landers). Black & white photos. 5th Edition.


Lop Rabbits as Pets

by Sandy Crook, 192 p, 1992

A good basic introduction to all the lop breeds, this book covers their history, temperament, health, breeding, showing and use as therapy pets. Color photos.  


The Field Guide to Rabbits by Samantha Johnson, 144 p., 2008

A good introduction to raising rabbits. I especially liked the many photographs of the various rabbit colors and rabbit breeds. This book has chapters covering rabbit history, fur varieties, ears and sizes, color guide & genetics, behavior, handling, kindling, showing, and breed profiles. Color photos.


Holland Lop Rabbits by Ann Fletcher, 150 p, 2013 

Definitely not a “complete” guide but a very basic book; good introduction for someone who has never had a rabbit before, or for a youth. 


Freckles the Rabbit by Jane Burton, 24p., 1988

A children's book but the photos will be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Shows the birth of 2 lop rabbits, Freckles and her sibling, how they grow from a few weeks old to several months and how finally Freckles has a litter of her own. The little lops are very cute. Also includes general rabbit information. Color photos. Unfortunately this book is out-of-print but may be available used. 


About Bunny Colors by Ellyn Eddy, 66p., 2009

An excellent book to learn about color inheritance and genetics in rabbits. The author  takes you step by step through an explanation of genotypes and breeding squares. The book deals with the mechanics of genetics, genotypes of familiar varieties, applying genetic knowledge in your breeding,  show groups versus genetic groups, the dwarfing gene, and the secondary color gene sets. It includes a list of coat color genotypes with some color pictures and a coat color glossary.

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