Holland Lop Bucks

The following were and are our herd bucks, not for sale unless noted. To see our Holland Lop bucks for sale, please visit our Available page.

                                                FOUNDATION BUCKS



Broken Sable Point

Sire: Styles A127, Broken Tortoise (2 Legs)    Dam: Styles A196, Orange

Lines are mostly Styles but also include THF Saynora.

IMG 6608 2
IMG 4569

First in Class, Ocala, FL ARBA Open Show, July 2013
2nd of 7, Fanning Spring, FL ARBA Open Show, 9/13
3rd of 8, Perry, GA ARBA Open Show, 10/13
3rd of 15, Conyers, GA ARBA Open Show, 11/13

He is the sire of Bunnylops’ Fenokee FunkelBunnylops’ Fun Tune, Bunnylops’ Dusty, BunnyLops’ PearlBunnylops’ ClotildeBunnylops’ Cobblestone, the grandsire of Bunnylops’ OkieBunnylops’ Koo-Koo-KachooThundering Oaks’ Tchaikovsky,  BunnyLops’ Fun CreekThundering Oaks’ HazyshadeBunnyLops’ Fern HillBunnyLops’ Funtastic, and BunnyLops’ Hucklebunny, and the great-grand-sire of Bunnylops’ SynopsisBunnylops’ Okeechobee, BunnyLops’ Finch, BunnyLops’ TybeeBunnyLops’ October WindBunnyLops’ Swan Lake, BunnyLops’ Brittanica, BunnyLops’ Brittania, and BunnyLops’ Double Stuff Oreo.

BROWNIE    NOTE: Brownie has found a new home with Briona in Fort Valley, GA. Briona has shown him multiple times and Brownie keeps earning more legs.           Check below his pictures to see a list of the bunnies he has sired and grand-sired for us. Congrats to Briona & Brownie! 


Tortoise (Carries dilute; does not carry sable point)

Sire: Camelot's Spencer, Tort (1 Leg)     Dam: Son Rose Sassy, Broken Tort

Lines also include NGF, and Green.

175 3837


IMG 2930
IMG 2923
IMG 2926

He is the sire of Bunnylops’ OkieThundering Oaks’ TchaikovskyBunnylops’ Atticus, the grand-sire of Bunnylops’ SynopsisBunnylops’ Okeechobee, BunnyLops’ PushkinBunnyLops’ FinchBunnyLops’ Focus, and BunnyLops’ Swan Lake, and the great-grand-sire of BunnyLops’ PushkinBunnyLops’ TybeeBunnyLops’ October Wind, and BunnyLops’ Funtastic

First in Class, Perry, GA ARBA Show, 2/13
First in Class, Fairview, NC ARBA Show, 2/13
BOV, NCRBA Show, 3/13
BOSV, Mocksville, NC ARBA Show, 6/13
First in Class, Ladson, SC ARBA Show, 8/13
BOS (w/new owner Briona), Decatur ARBA Show, 3/15
BOV & BOB (w/Briona), Augusta ARBA Shows, 6/15
BOSB (w/Briona), Augusta ARBA Show, 1/16
BOB (w/Briona), Perry, GA ARBA Show, 2/16
BOB (w/Briona), Dalton, GA ARBA Show, 3/16
BOB (w/Briona), Ocala, FL ARBA Show, 4/16



Broken Chocolate Tort (Dilute & Sable Point carrier)

Sire: GC Schwandt’s McFlurrie, Broken Chocolate (3 legs), BOS    Dam: Schwandt’s White Chocolate, REW

Lines are mostly Schwandt

He is the sire of Bunnylops’ Sci FiBunnylops’ Socrates, and BunnyLops’ Calligraphy, the grand-sire of BunnyLops’ FocusBunnyLops’ Sophia, and BunnyLops’ Sacajawea, and the great-grand-sire of BunnyLops’ Funtastic and BunnyLops’ Jhumpa

For more pictures and information on past Bucks, click HERE.

                                                   CURRENT BUCKS


                                    DREAM BUNNIES’ BARNEY (4 legs)

                                              Broken Black Tort (carries Chocolate and Dilute) 

Sire:  SAS Rabbitry’s Ivan, Broken Chocolate (14 legs)      Dam: Camelot’s Jazz, Black Tort 

Lines are mostly Dream Bunnies & Camelot.

At 2 months (pictures courtesy of Dream Bunnies’ Rabbitry):

15665515 1502149393146427 3308697624480398067 n
15622481 1502149099813123 6328758831394880555 n

At 3 1/2 months (pictures courtesy of Dream Bunnies’ Rabbitry):

16427475 1553742501320449 5077103642249484619 n-1
16473265 1553742554653777 5493145994015466248 n-1
16426029 1553742644653768 62233490698883444 n-1

First leg and BOSV at almost 4 months (picture courtesy of Dream Bunnies’ Rabbitry):

16640827 1616461198370027 8253513461263651205 n-1

At 5 months — and 4 legs (picture courtesy of Dream Bunnies’ Rabbitry):

18136330 1695185997164213 1242088956 n-1

At 6 months (pictures courtesy of Dream Bunnies’ Rabbitry):

18110659 1697501763599303 910076871 n 2

At 6 1/2 months:

IMG 0018
IMG 0017

He is the sire of BunnyLops’ TruffleBunnyLops’ TolstoyBunnyLops’ Valentina, BunnyLops’ BrittanicaBunnyLops’ Brittania, BunnyLops’ Double Stuff Oreo, and BunnyLops’ Jhumpa.


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