Holland Lop Does

The following are our herd does and junior doe prospects, not for sale unless noted. To see our Holland Lop does for sale, please visit our Available page.


                                         BUNNYLOPS’ OKEECHOBEE

                                              Sable Point (carries Chocolate) 

Sire:  Schwandt’s Crunch (2 Legs), Broken Chocolate Tort      Dam: Bunnylops’ Okie, Black Tort

Lines also include Son Rose, Styles, & Camelot.

IMG 1170
IMG 1185

At 4 months of age:

IMG 2586
IMG 2588

She is the dam of BunnyLops’ Tybee and BunnyLops’ October Wind.

EUREKA                                     RESERVED for Heidi

                                                    CB109  ‘EUREKA’ (1 leg)

                                              Black Tort (carries Chocolate & Dilute) 

Sire:  Lazy Livin-CB’s Arthur, Chocolate Tort (2 legs)      Dam: Ritchel’s Smurf, Blue Tort (2 legs)

Lines also include ANR, SVR, Styles, & Riverbend.

                                                         Pictured at 20 months:

IMG 3968
IMG 3976

She is the dam of Whispering Pines’ Trunks and BunnyLops’ Kodiak



Sire: BunnyLops’ Focus, Broken Chocolate    Dam: BunnyLops’ Fun Tune, Black Tort

Lines also include Styles, Son Rose, Blue Sapphire, & Schwandt

IMG 3797
IMG 3798

She is the dam of BunnyLops’ Brittanica and BunnyLops’ Brittania.



                                         DREAM BUNNIES’ DK2  ‘SHURA'

                                      Broken (Charlie) Black Otter (Carries Chocolate and Dilute) 

Sire: SAS Rabbitry’s Ivan (14 legs), Broken Chocolate      Dam: Krolow’s Tabitha, Broken Blue Otter

Lines are mostly Dream Bunnies and also include Ormond.

Pictured at 4 weeks old (photo courtesy of Dream Bunnies’ Rabbitry):

16807429 1619813874701426 3298513677323385584 n

At 2 1/2 months (photos courtesy of Dream Bunnies’ Rabbitry):

17436072 1624178047610227 7262943296216324677 o-1
17622096 1624178307610201 1829475504030637897 o-1

At 3 months (photos courtesy of Dream Bunnies’ Rabbitry):

18159756 1697508256931987 97923382 o-2
18175645 1697508250265321 899711868 o

At 3 1/2 months:

IMG 0026
IMG 0034
IMG 0049
IMG 0029

She is the dam of BunnyLops’ Valentina.




  Black Tort (Carries Chocolate & Dilute)

Sire: Basso’s Simon, Black Tort    Dam: BunnyLops’ Sci Fi, Broken Chocolate

Lines also include Schwandt, REV, & Saynora

At 4 weeks:

IMG 5199
IMG 5201

at 5 weeks:

IMG 5329
IMG 5343

at 7 weeks:

IMG 5413
IMG 5410

At ten weeks:

IMG 0122
IMG 0132

At 6 months of age:

IMG 2704
IMG 2707
IMG 2703

VALENTINA                                   RESERVED                                

                                           BUNNYLOPS’ VALENTINA

                                                        Broken Chocolate

Sire:  DreamBunnies’ Barney, 4 legs, BOS, BOV, BOSV, BOB, Broken Black Tort     Dam: DreamBunnies ‘Shura’, Broken Black Otter, Charlie

Lines also include Camelot, and Krolow.

At almost 4 months:

IMG 3606
IMG 3603

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